My Statement  


Art is my life and passion.

My work is based on capturing the essence of feelings, emotions and the invisible, eternal energy that pervades in the universe, focusing on beauty and it’s scarcity in current time.

I am inspired by nature and new science that meets spirituality.

Creating from a place of no time , no space no body. 

Like an architect I love to construct the images with multiple layering, but at the same time leaving space for surprise, for something unexpected to happen, where my dance like gestures encounter the vibrations of color.

Color is vital to convey my message of harmony and wellbeing and I am interested in the perception of space and emotion through the equilibrated use of color, which I have trained while working in textile design. 

I aim to offer the spectators a view into special moments of time where all is possible and like my creations to enchant, add to wellbeing and open the mind.

Having taking private art and fabric design classes around the world Michelle’s creative talents are not restricted to one type of media, while painting is her main practice her recent and upcoming collaborations with design companies like Purling London, Vigone Carpets, Claudine Gaudion, Vida etc are a testimonal . 

Her studio is in Italy where she also started ‘ArtMoleto’ , an international continuously evolving art project which includes curating exhibitions and organizing artists. 

At the same time Michelle’s work has been getting international attention. She has participated in various group shows  around the world (UK, US, China, France, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Italy)

In 2015  she held a successful solo exhibition in London’s Notting Hill  and in 2018 another solo exhibit at Discerner Residence / Mayfair / London, where her artworks can currently be viewed by appointment. 

( Master Pianist  Mrs. Celine Gaurier- Joubert )   


Michelle has been mentioned in numerous national and international press such as the Times, News Week, Huffington Post,  as well as appearing and being interviewed on italian National TV,  and other publications. 


  Barry Martin, artist, curator :

 'In a world of fast, expanding technological know how, and an expanding number of world peoples who know not who they are, it is invigorating and reassuring to meet people whose firm beliefs are put into practice, to benefit, enliven, and make better, not just themselves but the lives of others.

One of them is Michelle Hold, who as artist has made her mark as abstract painter, and carved out an identity for herself. She shamelessly makes vibrant, dynamic, polychromatic, colorful, resourceful, meaningful, strong, sometimes large- sized paintings, that invigorate, excite and inspire. She panders neither to taste ( except of course her own), nor current fads, or the kind of eye-catching, voguish, detritus that currently passes as art, and which is poured out by the ton in every arts quarter of the world!'


       Pressrelease for soloexhibition 'Warriors of Light' 2015       Introduction by Barry Martin 

       enjoy the catalog  'Warriors of Light'     














All of Michelle’s work carries the undercurrent of her optimism and wish for a better world where everything is possible. She has developed her own unique techniques that focus as well on dance like gestures and upon the accurate use of color as a message.


Fine ArtSeen 

Michelle is a talented creative mind with vibrant paintings that are full of character. You can easily find yourself staring at the detail and getting caught up in a moment in time, of wonder. Her abstract work conveys a message, and you can almost visualize her inspiration beneath the canvas.

Short CV

Michelle Hold is born in Munich, grew up in Austria. She started studying architecture in Austria, then dropped by chance into modeling which gave her exposure on the international circuit. She lived in Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Munich and London, where she attended various art and textile design classes and subsequently worked as textile designer in Milan where her designs have been used by Krizia, Escada, Ungaro and Bluemarin etc. She has shown in different art fairs, in exhibitions in Usa, China, Europe and her works are in Private collections in Italy, Austria, GreatBritain, Romania, Usa, Germany, France, Iceland.

She founded a group of artists ArtMoleto ,  a continuously evolving international art project, together they organize interesting meaningful exhibitions in public institutions in Europe. 

2018 she has been shortlisted for the RiseArtPrize.

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