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I’ve spent my life in the arts, coming from a family of various artists.

My background education lies in architecture and textile design, where I have learned about structure and composition, which I intuitively apply to every canvas.


Much more than just abstract paintings my work is layered, lyrical, euphoric yet pensive energy going far beyond expressionism. Using only high quality acrylics or mixing  specific color tones myself with pigments I paint on professionally stretched canvas, so every collector will enjoy the acquired artwork for infinite time. 

I feel most alive when immersed in the creative process.

 My inspiration comes mainly from nature, from traveling but is strongly influenced by feelings and emotions, which I liquify on to the canvas in very free dance like movements but with a strict idea about balancing colors and shapes. 

My aim is to bring beauty, positive vibrations, and energy to your home.

Touch the Invisible  
These are paintings in a dreamworld , between what we know and recognize and the invisible.

Shades of Silence

 Certain tones of blue and grey embrace silence, calm, meditative states to rigenerate and heal.

These paintings are a visible declaration of an archaic language of the soul. The presence or absence of color hues is a specific way to propel wishes, hopes and dreams.

Bridge over troubled waters 120x120c
Free as a bird   60x60
California Dreaming  47'x47'
The Turning Point  130x130cm acryli
I know  why  100x70
A new perspective 60x60cm
Shades of silence 120x200cm
Follow the Path  130x130cm
Waiting for a miracle  70x100cm
Just an Illusion  80x80cm
Mostra altro

Powerful Presence


Insider Nat Rubinstein from Rise Arts says:

'Michelle’s stunning abstract canvases are almost overwhelmingly vibrant. They have a quality that perhaps can be best described as ‘wall presence’ – the layers of paint and shapes merging into each other grab the viewers’ attention and draw them in. Michelle’s works are simply impossible to look away from!'

Different Timelines 120x150cm
More than a dream  120x120cm
If I had wings 2017  150x100cm
Run 2016 120x120cm
Travel so far 120x120cm
Touch the Invisible 80x80cm
Untangling the chains
Nothing to loose 120x120cm
Little dreams in a big dream 80x80cm
There is a Place 120x120cm
Roadmap to Change 120x120cm
Brighter than sunshine  120x150cm
We all shine on120x200 acrylics'pigments on canvas
Move on
Why  60x60cm
Mostra altro

Touch of Water   

water is my favorite element , it carries information, it is the base for all life.

Be the space to let be
Michelle Hold 'Touched by Water'   2016  120x200cm acrylics,pigments on canvas
Dream Big 100x100cm
Traces of Water  80x80cm
I close my eyes  2016  100x100  acrylics
Michelle Hold 'Energetic Spirit ' 2019
Turquoise Memories 60x60cm
'Move like Water' 120x170cm acrylics,pigments on canvas
Traveling is sacred  150x150
Reflections 60x80cm
Mostra altro

Vibrant Energy 

The color RED stand for love, life and vital energy. I love the strong vibrations of this color and combine them with pulsating energetic gestures and strokes.

Show me 50x50
Land of Imagination 80x80cm
Brighter lighter
Forget the Density
Look at the power of love
Vibrations  120x200  2016 acrylics,pigments
Vital Signs 120x120cm
Precious Truth
Show your strength 100x100cm
Listen to your  passions 50x50
The fire of courage 120x200cm
Earth,Wind and Fire 120x120cm
Wake up  100x70cm
I am a dreamer 80x80cm
Earthbound  60x60cm
Mostra altro

 For any  enquiries please don't hesitate to contact me

Maybe you have seen a painting but it is not the right size , tell me ,

I love to work together with you to make the perfect painting for your home.

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 I can then let you know if it is available through me, or being sold through one of the galleries that represent me. If I can sell it directly, I will then let you know, and we can discuss payment and shipping options.

How is my payment handled? 

Payments are taken through PayPal in Euro.


to Europe within 3 days of payment.

to USA: please allow  2 weeks to prepare export papers 



  +39 3347864141

  skype   michelle.hold1

One of the most amazing parts of my journey as artist is to inspire other people and let them see, understand and enjoy the world in a way they didn’t before. 

Thank you to all art lovers that support, collect or share my work. Grateful.

I am represented by Tryitart Gallery/ Canada, Tiziana Maggio art consultancy in London and Celine Gaurier-Jobert in Dubai     

or click on a Art Platform      Singulart,  ARTSPER, RiseArt, SaatchiArt, ArtsleuthTreniq                                    


Next Shows 2020     Affordable Art Fair Milano  february 7-9

                                  'Fearless' Solo exhibition Galleria Farben&Lacke Berlin april  2-30

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